Our club was established in 1966, by a group of steel workers from British Steel, they met at the Fleurs Social Club to discuss the pros and con’s of  creating a new club from scratch. Fortunately with the help of Brains Brewery our club was conceived. Two of those steel workers are still members and still use the club. 

The club became popular very quickly and it was obvious that more room was needed. Firstly the old skittle alley in the concert room would have to be moved and a purpose built alley was created, this created a minor problem in its self, to get to the alley from the bar you had to walk outside in all weathers, this problem was solved when the foyer was constructed, including a new ladies toilet, to provide internal access to the alley. Over the years gradual improvements were made, installing double glazing and sound proofing etc. This has culminated in the last few years where substantial improvements have been made, installing air conditioning in the concert room, bar and skittle alley, refurbishment of the concert room, skittle alley, ladies and gents toilets, Bar and the addition of a disabled toilet.

The club remains an integral and popular part of the community and is currently the local polling station. Of course it’s had it’s ups and downs especially of late with the credit crunch, the increases in prices and the smoking ban but with an excellent Steward, hard working staff and probably the most hard working committee ever, we have ridden the worst and look forward to a bright future.